Education Foundation Logo

I worked with the Yellowhead Tribal College as a consultant to help them create a logo for their charity. The logo depicts an indigenous dancer and was co-designed with an indigenous staff member to ensure it was true to life.  

Look a Bit Closer

During my internship at the museum I was asked to help work on some concepts for a new ad campaign focusing on looking more deeply at the exhibits at RAM.

Interactive Illustration for the Royal Alberta Museum

An interactive two-sided board that children can create their own corals and sea creatures out of provided materials. This is in the Natural History Gallery at the 

XOXO, Anti-Stigma Campaign

Inspired by volunteer work with HIV Edmonton, I wanted to create a project that targeted the stigma faced by people living with HIV. The campaign is about bringing back love and spreading a positive message while eliminating inaccurate notions about HIV.

Women With Vision Ad Campaign and Logo Design

Concept work for a female-focussed glasses company. The ad campaign I created took old paintings of iconic women and put them in the glasses they are selling. Allowing others to see themselves in these women.

Silicone Seal 

Poster Design

This poster was inspired by two speakers that told us about their experiences living with HIV and as aboriginal women while I was volunteering at HIV Edmonton through the GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada). It's about how aboriginal people, specifically women, do not have the access to the same sexual education that many people take for granted.

Moby’s Mint Gum

Package/Brand Design

Moby’s Mint gum targeted young adults and teens with cheeky advertising and dirty jokes. I wanted to create a funny brand that would shock people and get them talking.

Feminism x Technology

Editorial Illustration

Illustration made for the Griff magazine for an article about how technology has effected feminism. I reference the protests during the women’s suffrage movement and feature Susan Brownell Anthony, a famous suffragette.

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